Wilfred Thesiger in Africa
Scans for exhibition and book
Pitt Rivers Museum

* Centenary exhibition
* Thesiger images

Bryan Heseltine ' A People Apart"
Scans and prints - Curated and edited by Prof. Darren Newbury
* People Apart: 1950s Cape Town Revisited
* Pitt Rivers - slideshow
"In the summer of 2010 Adrian Arbib spent many long hours scanning the negatives to the very highest quality. His dedication and attention to detail went beyond what I could have reasonably expected; not to mention his on-going enthusiastic support for the project. He did a fabulous job and brought to this task a degree of care for which I am extremely grateful."

Desmond Morris - artist and author
Photographic reproductions and scans of original artwork
"Arch are not only technically brilliant but incredibly helpful "

Nick Stogdon
Rare fine art etchings,
* photographic and print reproductions

The Lennox Boyd Collection
Photographically archiving one of the world's largest private print collections
* Guardian article

The Flight Collection

An archive of early passenger flight
Scans and photographic reproductions from glass plate negs